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Real Estate Video Tutorials - Quick Jump:

How to Film | Sony WX9 | Apple | Youtube | | apps | Univ. Mobile Studio

 How to Film a Real Estate Video Tour

  1. Overview of the entire process(filming techniques, ordering edits and sharing files)
  2. How to Turn When Filming a Real Estate Video
  3. How to Share Video Files with HDhat using Dropbox 
  4. The importance of shooting wide real estate video 

 Youtube/Facebook and Other Video Sharing Sites

  1. How to download and save your edited video file
  2. Youtube Embed

 Sony WX9(2012 Model is the WX50 Tutorials- Camera MOST recommended by HDhat

  1. Overview of the WX9 for shooting real estate video and photos
  2. Attaching the WX9 wide angle lens kit to your Sony WX-9 camera
  3. Transferring recorded videos to the iPad 2 and other features

 Apple iPhone 4/4S/5

  1. How to Film a tour with your iPhone 4 or 4s
  2. Chris Pirillo Review of the HDhat iPhone Cases
  3. iPhone 5 agent filmed and edited tour(using Universal Movie System)
  4. iPhone 4S sample real estate video tour
  5. 3 Tips for Better Real Estate Video
  6. Review of the iHat 4 - thorough review of all the lens' - by Iphoneipadreviews
  7. ProCamera App Tutorial and Review #1
  8. ProCamera 7 Manual - A must have app and a must read short manual!
  9. iPhone White Screen Video Tutorial Tutorials

  1. Upload your finished HDhat Edited Video to

 Apps - iPhone and iPad

  1. 16 great photo editing apps
  2. ProCamera app - Photo/Video/QRcode reader + full photo editing suite
  3. Filmic Pro - Video Enthusiasts

 Makayama Universal Mobile Movie Studio

  1. Order the Universal Mobile Movie Studio Here
  2. How to remove the iPhone 5 from the Universal Mobile Movie Studio
  3. How to remove the iPhone 4 from the Universal Mobile Movie Studio
  4. How to remove the Galaxy S3 from the Universal Mobile Movie Studio
  5. How to remove the iPad Mini from the Universal Mobile Movie Studio
  6. How to switch from mobile phone device to the iPad 2 or iPad 3
  7. How to insert and remove the iPad Mini to the Makayama Universal Mobile Studio




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