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The iPhone 4 and now the iPhone 4S are giving rise to a huge Paradigm Shift for real estate video.

Now any iPhone enabled real estate agent can instantly capture clips of a community, neighborhood, client testimonial or a home walkthrough tour without the need for loads of cumbersome hard to use gear.

The opportunity real estate video now represents is immense for those agents that re-think how they market themselves, their communities, and their listings.

First though it is important to recognize the technical limitations of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and what can be easily done to overcome them. The iPhone 4/4S only shoot video at 40mm(which is not so wide) and photos at about 30mm(also not so wide). Remember the lower the # the wider the camera is shooting, and wide is good. Ultimately a range of 14mm - 20mm is ideal.
So the iPhone must be tweaked just a little in order to enable it to shoot in the ranges you need to shoot to capture good, smooth, wide video and wide photos.

*Most importantly.....the wider you shoot the less movement you will need to make to film any particular area. This allows you to create smoother easier to watch videos.

The iPhone Paradigm Shift!
The advantage that an iPhone enabled agent now has of course is that they have their phones for the most with them everywhere they go. So by just tweaking the iPhone camera just a bit it can be changed into a high powered video capture game changer.

So let me get started with a quick tutorial video of using the iPhone 4 with the default camera app to film a home with varying light conditions.

Now lets look at the finished video and what was produced from the method detailed in the first video above.

Amazing actually when you consider this was done with a phone in less than 5 minutes!

Notes: builds lens kit for many cameras including the iPhone 4 and 4S specifically to shoot real estate video. We highly recommend that agents not waste their time with little magnetic lens that result in foggy, distorted video. HDHat purposely uses bigger lens that pull in lots of light with results that are clear and undistorted. In order to really enjoy capturing real estate video and opening up the shifts that any agent can capitalize on from video implementation it is imperative to first get the right gear for real estate video.

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